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The main role of the cemetery


The main types of cemeteries are ordinary cemeteries, lawn cemeteries, cremation tree cemeteries, western cemeteries and so on. With the urbanization process and the shortage of land resources, the construction of cemeteries has become increasingly standardized and intensive. In many areas, direct burial after cremation is adopted, and trees are planted in cemeteries to achieve the effect of ecological cemeteries.

Cemetery management from design to maintenance


A cemetery is a place built by people to commemorate their dead relatives, and it is a place for people to express their respect and memory for the deceased. The importance of cemetery management is related to the emotional needs of the deceased family, but also related to social public interests. Therefore, the design and maintenance of cemeteries is a crucial task. This paper introduces the related knowledge of cemetery management from the design to the maintenance of the cemetery.

How to achieve sustainable development of cemetery environmental protection


As a place for people to express their respect and memory for the deceased, the cemetery is a symbol of social civilization and humanistic feelings. However, the traditional way of cemetery construction and management has caused some negative effects on the environment. Therefore, the environmental protection and sustainable development of cemeteries have become an urgent problem to be solved in the construction and management of cemeteries. This paper discusses the importance of environmental protection of cemeteries, the measures of environmental protection of cemeteries and the sustainable development of cemeteries, and discusses how to achieve sustainable development of environmental protection of cemeteries.

The historical origin of cemetery culture


Cemetery culture is a special cultural phenomenon, which reflects not only human cognition and attitude towards death, but also various thoughts and beliefs under social, historical and cultural background. From the Angle of historical origin, this paper discusses the origin and development of cemetery culture.

The structure of the cemetery is introduced


A cemetery is a place where the dead are buried. Consists of multiple cemeteries and gravestones, usually locally or privately owned and maintained. In the cemetery, the body of the deceased is buried in a dedicated cemetery, and the tombstone is erected on a stone or concrete pedestal to mark the name, birthday and date of death of the deceased.

What are the characteristics of the cemetery


The cemetery refers to the place where the body of the deceased is placed and the place for its memory and sacrifice. It is not only a historical site to restore history and inherit culture, but also a place for people to remember and commemorate the deceased relatives and friends. This paper discusses the characteristics and uses of cemeteries.

Take you through the cemetery in a minute


Cemetery is a kind of respect and remembrance of death by human beings. The existence of cemetery not only gives the dead people a resting place, but also brings certain comfort and thinking to the living people. This paper introduces the advantages, techniques and precautions of the cemetery.

What should we pay attention to in the development of cemetery tombstone miniaturization


With the funeral reform, the size and height of tombstones are strictly limited, and the miniaturization of cemetery tombstones has become a trend. Because people cannot pursue the luxury of the size and shape of tombstones, they pay more attention to the artistic and cultural connotation of tombstones.

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