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Can the cemetery be buried in a few days?
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Can the cemetery be buried in a few days?

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To subscribe to the tomb, you must go through the “Cremification Certificate” issued by the funeral parlour or the relevant certificates for purchasing the Shou Point.

1. To subscribe to the tomb, you must go through the “Cremification Certificate” issued by the funeral parlour or the relevant certificates for purchasing the Shou Point.


2. After the tomb is subscribed, it is not allowed to transfer, resell, change the name of the user or change the purpose.


3. When ordering the tomb, you should confirm the tomb area code, model number, price and tomb protection box and direction. At the same time, it should be noted that the size of the casket is smaller than the inner diameter of the tomb.


4. When ordering a tomb, a deposit may be required in advance, and the amount of each cemetery unit shall be separately specified. After the inscription on the inscription on the tomb and the porcelain image are finished (the cycle is about 30 days), you should go to the park to confirm, sign the “Torture Purchase and Sale Contract”, pay the balance, and issue the “Ceum Certificate”.


5. After the deposit is paid in advance, the balance must be settled within three months, otherwise it will be deemed as automatic waiver. After the deposit has been paid, it is required to change the location of the tomb, and the handling fee will be charged at 5% of the deposit.


6. If you apply for a tomb or move to a tomb, you should provide the written notice of the user (Shouxue) or the notarized documents agreed by all the heirs before you can go through the relevant formalities. If the tomb is required to be returned, the cemetery will charge a handling fee of 5% of the total price of the tomb. The maintenance fee paid will be deducted annually, and the loss will be charged separately. If the tomb has been buried or has not been buried for more than three years, the tomb will not be returned. If the right to use the tomb is abandoned, the tomb will take back the Tomb Certificate and refund the tomb maintenance fee for the remaining period of use.


7. After confirming the inscription inscription construction form, if it needs to be modified, it should be processed within three days. If the modification is overdue, the consequences will be borne by the future if the modification procedure is carried out within three days. Note (The tombstone lettering construction form is based on the inscription on the computer print registration form of the salesperson. Please check the customer carefully and confirm the signature after confirmation).


8. For the procedures related to the burial of tombs, the inscriptions on the inscriptions, the processing of porcelain images, etc., the applicant shall apply for the relevant original evidence such as the tomb contract, invoice and tomb certificate. If the certificate is not complete, the formalities will not be processed. After the death of the Shou point user, it is necessary to apply for the processing of characters and porcelain images 30 days before the burial.


9. The stone box of the tomb is half-into the soil. The accumulated water caused by the moisture in the years is a natural phenomenon, and the cemetery does not bear the corresponding responsibility.


10. The tomb maintenance fee shall be charged once every 10 years, and the maintenance fee shall be paid on time. If the maintenance fee has not been paid for three consecutive years, if it has not been paid within three months after written notice, the announcement will be published in the main newspapers of this city. If the applicant has not paid for three months from the date of the announcement, the tomb will be treated as a main tomb.


11. From the date of signing the “Tomb Purchase and Sale Contract”, the three-year free warranty will be implemented (only for the quality of the tomb, and the tomb will be damaged due to irresistible causes such as major natural disasters, and the cemetery will not be liable for damages). If a maintenance request is made after the three-year warranty period, the cemetery will be responsible for the paid maintenance of the tomb.


12. The construction of the tomb project and the stone shall be unified by the cemetery. The tombs and installation accessories shall not be modified privately. Customers who install attachments, place valuables, decorations, and plant flowers and trees are responsible for damage, loss, and death.


13. In order to maintain a clean and tidy environment in the tomb area, the sacrifices placed on the graves should be disposed of by themselves. If they are not cleaned up in time, they will be cleared by the management personnel of the tomb area. When performing the ritual sweep in the cemetery, do not ignite the incense sticks on the tomb cover and place wax and grease supplies. After the oil melts, it will penetrate into the tomb cover and cannot be removed. The loss is the responsibility of the customer.


14. Do not squeeze against adjacent tombstones during the sweeping, and step on other graves to avoid accidents. Otherwise, the tombstones and other damages and personal injuries will be responsible.


15. Promote the use of flowers for civilized sacrifices. It is forbidden to set off firecrackers in the cemetery, burn large-scale superstitious supplies, and relics such as clothing and furniture. In the tomb area, it is forbidden to burn tin foil, money, and other sacrificial offerings. It should be burned at the incineration point designated by the cemetery. If the property is lost due to non-compliance with the regulations, in addition to its own losses, it must also bear the damage to public property and Responsibility and compensation for the loss of others.


16. If there is any change in the applicant's mailing address, contact telephone number, etc., you should contact the cemetery business department to handle the change in time to better provide after-sales service.

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