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How to choose an affordable cemetery

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Choosing a suitable funeral home for the elderly or deceased relatives is now becoming more and more expensive.

Choosing a suitable funeral home for the elderly or deceased relatives is now becoming more and more expensive. With the increase of population and the reduction of land resources, the government has strict restrictions on the size of the cemetery. Since the government introduced the policy of 1 square meter of cemetery this year, the price of the tomb has risen steadily. How to choose a comfortable rest place becomes everyone's heart disease.


Many people question the formality of the intermediary service. Indeed, apart from the business sites of the major cemeteries, the cemetery agents distributed in all corners do have the darkness of operation. The common people are afraid that the intermediary will raise the price and profit from it. The price they can't lift, the cemetery clearly price, the local will know everyone, but they will lower the offer that the salesman gives you. Xiaobian has been engaged in the funeral service industry for many years. He knows the doorway and knows how to do it to save money. Let me share it with you.


1. Don't trust the person who calls you to sell it. All the information can be obtained by yourself.


2, rational purchase, do not just look at fame, the high reputation of the cemetery may not have high quality service (for reasons see later). First consider the traffic factor and pick up the cemetery near the home. Second, look at the environment and development of the cemetery (the cemetery with a general development history of 4 or 5 years is more suitable, all facilities are complete, but the reputation is still in the medium term, the price will not be too expensive).


3, look at the price on the website, do your heart, the prices of the major cemeteries are generally adjusted twice a year, Qingming once, winter solstice, like the price on our website, land size and other data are the major cemeteries at the beginning of this year The information on the internal brochure, but does not rule out the possibility that the cemetery will adjust the price after the Qingming period, for reference only.


4. Find someone to recommend a salesman who will be a person in the Sino-Italian cemetery. Here I emphasize that I will be a human being for three reasons:


First, she is actually the person who can give you the most preferential treatment. All the agents are not as good as the cemetery's own salesmen, including the cemetery itself, because of the regulatory restrictions, the preferential margin is also large but their salesman;


Second, she is the person who actually works for you. It is not the major cemetery, but she has to carry out a series of formal procedures for you, including building a monument, following up, and burying. Good clerk is even willing to go for you personally. Registering the casket is definitely a lot of heart for you;


Third, there may be a tomb of merchandise before the price increase in her hand. Of course, the amount is very small. The reason is that I am not convenient to mention it here. The cemetery has to rise two or three times a year. Everyone will know when they go to the major cemeteries. But if you can get the tomb that has not risen in price, it will definitely save you a lot of money.


5. After selecting the salesman, let her arrange for you to watch the tomb free of charge in the park, and make an appointment with the salesperson to see the time, place and number of people. Our sales staff in the park always have their own business cards. If it is the counterpart salesman of our website, we ask them to wear the work cards of the park, including the customer service of our website to accompany you to see. Let you be absolutely assured.

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