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Pay attention to the size of the stone monument. Should not be too high and too short, generally low but the abdomen is high but not the neck, not the higher the better.

Pay attention to the size of the stone monument. Should not be too high and too short, generally low but the abdomen is high but not the neck, not the higher the better. It is best to be able to match the cemetery. Generally, the tombs of the people are not too tall. They are not more than the emperor's mausoleum. The tall monument stands in front of the cave, which creates a pressure on the grave, but affects the future of future generations. Wang. Tombstone shape, to be rectangular, to be regular, not too narrow and too wide. If the tombstone is short and wide, the descendants will be short and fat. And these are all things to be aware of.


In addition to the location, size, the stand of the monument and the position.


There are pre-existing monuments, meaning that the tombstones are standing in Shantou, and there are also those who stand in the lame. Standing in Shantou, called Yinyin, Li Ren Ding Yan, standing on the lame, Li Jiacai. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the distance from the tombstone to the grave should not be pressed to the coffin and pressed to the taro. Therefore, it is especially important to measure the size when the tombstone is built. This is especially important. If the difference is the slightest, the coffin will be affected. people. Leading to head problems such as headaches, silly and slow mental illness, etc., pressed to the lame, and the hind legs and legs. In addition, the foundation of the tombstone should be solid, to prevent the tombstone from being tilted in the future, and the foundation should be asked, otherwise there will be dangers of leaving the country, walking behind, and breaking the money.


The color of the tombstone should correspond to the orientation


Most people today don't pay attention to the difference between the colors of the tombstones. They think that the black marble is the best, and in order to show their own atmosphere, they have to choose some larger marbles to make the tombstones. There is no basis, so the choice of tombstone should first be suitable for the size. If the tomb is small and the tombstone is very large, it is suspected of being top-heavy. If it is too small, the momentum is not enough. The main reason for the size of the tombstone is that the tomb and the tombstone should be coordinated and unified. The color of the tombstone should be determined according to the color of the mountain.