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Talking about the basic writing of the inscription on the cemetery
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Cemetery geography
Cemetery geomantic

Talking about the basic writing of the inscription on the cemetery

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There are basically two types of tombstones: vertical tombstones and horizontal tombstones.

1. Tombstone form and grave type


There are basically two types of tombstones: vertical tombstones and horizontal tombstones.


Vertical tombstone, all the inscriptions of the inscription are written from right to left and from top to bottom;


The horizontal tombstone, the main text of the inscription is arranged from left to right, first up and down, and evenly arranged in two lines and one row. The name of the monument and the name of the person who made the monument are directly written from top to bottom;


There are basically two types of graves: the Cemetery and the Dead.


In the Shishou grave, it means that when the elderly are still alive, when the body is very healthy, picking up the birthday or the ecliptic, the graves that are prepared in advance for one year or several years, the folks are collectively referred to as "shou cemetery", which is the descendant of the descendants of the descendants, showing the elders' blessings. A good form is the initiative to build graves.


The tomb of the dead refers to the tomb built after the death or death of the old man, and the stone standing behind it. The folks collectively refer to the “creation of graves” and are passive tombs.


Second, the difference between making a grave and making a grave


Tombs and graves are made according to whether the owner of the tomb is alive or dead. Not only are the tombs different, but the inscriptions are also different. The main differences are as follows:


1. The tombs are called differently:


In the world-built grave, it is called "making a grave."


The tomb was built as a tomb.


2. The last two words of the main body of the inscription are expressed differently:


In the construction of the tomb, it is customary to write "the father of a certain public and a certain morality of a certain life area", the last two words are written as "shou domain", can not write "tomb."


It is customary to write a tomb. It is customary to write "Tomb of a certain father of a certain father and a certain tomb". The last two words are written as "the tomb", and it is not appropriate to write "Shouyu".


3. The color of the tablet is different:


In the world-built tomb, the inscriptions are written in red, unless the descendants of their descendants have been written, the name of the deceased is written in black.


In the tomb of the dead, in the body of the inscription, there are still people in the world, whose surname and name should be written in red; the surname and name of the deceased should be written in black to show the difference between the world and the deceased.


4. The construction of the grave ceremony is different:


In the world-built graves and empty tombs, several blocks of bricks should be placed in the two caves, plus a bottle of oil, a bottle of water, a incense burner, a 12-year-old Buddha, and 24 coins. Each hole protects the bricks into several blocks. There are several sons (or children) who put a few pieces of bricks, that is, the offspring can get one piece for one person. When they are put into the urn, they will take it home and put it under the rice tank. In the hope that the future generations of the future generations will be prosperous, the people will be prosperous, and the bricks will be sacrificed overnight at the grave house the night before they are placed.


The tomb was built in the dead, and no bricks, oil, water and incense burners were placed in the tomb of the dead. Only 24 coins were put in place. 12 Zodiac Buddhas were burned. The Buddha ash was mixed with cement concrete for the sealing of the tomb. Of course, if another spouse is still alive, when building a grave, you can still put bricks, a bottle of oil, a bottle of water, a incense burner, a 12-year-old Buddha, and 24 coins.


Third, the tombstone inscription writing format


The tombstone inscription is generally composed of four parts: time, text, payment and number of words.


1, time: the time to build the tomb, written on the right side of the tombstone, do not write the top, often written in the two-thirds of the whole monument, the font should be written smaller.


2, the text: is to write the names of the two tombs, the old tomb only writes the husband's name, the wife only writes the last name, and the big is not written in the middle, only by left-handed writing; the modern grave tombstones are written side by side, male right female Left. Generally speaking, this is written as follows: "The father of a certain prince is equipped with a certain life domain (or the tomb) of a certain family." 12 words are arranged in two columns, and the word "shou domain" must be twice as large as other words. In the middle of the column, it is also suggested that the number of main texts in the main body cannot be doubled. If it is to be singular, it should be changed to "the father of a certain public, a certain certain life domain (or the tomb)". The size is the same as the word "Shou". "The father is a certain person with a certain name" is arranged in five columns and two columns. In the old tombstone, the female surname is often followed by the word "squatting". Women with these two characters are usually The wife of a husband or above, or a wife of a famous family, is generally not eligible to enjoy this title.


3, the payment: Special attention to the construction of this tomb, even if the funder is the owner of the tomb, it is also appropriate to write the name of their own children and grandchildren, common: "filial male XX, certain, certain, Sun "A certain, certain, certain, standing" "If there is no son only daughter, then write "filial piety, certain, certain, foreign grandson, certain, certain, stand up", the location of the deposit is on the left three In the second part, the font size is generally the same as the date. Before "respecting", you must empty a position. If the grandchildren are different names, the surname should be written.


4, word limit: the total number of inscriptions including the time text must be five times plus one, that is, 16 words, 21 words, 31 words, 36 words, 41 words ... not allowed more than one word, not less than one word, with "sheng The old words are dying or the "golden woods and waters and fires" each word corresponds to one by one. The first word and the last word must be the word "sheng" or "gold". Therefore, when the total number of words is not five times plus one, at the time, In the text and the payment, it is necessary to add words or subtract words, and reach the number of words specified above.

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