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The ancients have been art for thousands of years!

The ancients have been art for thousands of years!

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There are new discoveries in archaeology, and the ancient "art tombs" surfaced.

There are new discoveries in archaeology, and the ancient "art tombs" surfaced.


Recently, the large tombs of the Houlonghe Reservoir in Rongcheng, Shandong Province have emerged due to the decline of the reservoir water level.


The ancient tomb group is made of stone, similar to the local state-level cultural relics protection unit Rongcheng Liucun tomb group, or built in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties.


There are 14 stone tombs that have been exposed to the water, and there are more than 10 stone in the water.


Walking along the deserted path of the intestines to the reservoir where there is water, it is far from seeing a slab of buildings scattered on the shore and in the water.


Approaching the discovery, these buildings are mainly cylindrical, trapezoidal or square in style, with some scattered stone pillars around.


Some buildings are engraved with lion-like patterns and texts. It may be too long for history, and the water and water are soaked, the patterns and text are very blurred.


According to Zhang Qiming, a cultural relic expert in Rongcheng City, the ancient tombs were submerged under water in 1958 due to reservoir water storage.


Because the shape of the Jinyuan Stone Tombs in Rongcheng Village is very similar, it is inferred that it is likely to originate in the Jin Yuan era.


The spherical spheroidal tombs of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties were only found in Weihai and Yantai, and have not been heard elsewhere. The shape is very special.


This uniquely shaped tomb may not be seen in ancient times.


But in today's society, art tombs of various shapes are gradually becoming popular.


More and more people emphasize uniqueness and difference. They admire their individuality and like it differently. In all aspects of life, I hope to have my own unique form of expression.


Even if the last death is buried in the soil, I hope that my tombstone is different from others.


Many stars like to use their own life as a tombstone, hoping that their voice will remain in the audience forever.

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