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Let the ecological civilization be buried

Let the ecological civilization be buried

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24 provinces have introduced specific measures to promote ecological burial,

24 provinces have introduced specific measures to promote ecological burial, and some provinces have more than 40,000 dead ash scattered to the sea, and some provinces have built more than 80,000 rural red and white councils to advocate the change of customs... In recent years, China has promoted funeral Reform, advocating ecological funeral and changing customs, new temperament, festivals, funeral, and civilized sacrifices have become popular.


Shifting customs and customs


The work of changing the customs and customs in the funeral area is an important part of the building of socialist spiritual civilization.


In recent years, the central and local governments have jointly promoted the reform of funeral and burial, the "Opinions on Party Members and Cadres Leading to Promote Funeral Reform" issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other 9 departments, "Guiding Opinions on Promoting Ecological Burial of Land Savings", etc. In order to promote the direction of funeral and funeral customs, the ecological burial of the land is the focus of the reform of the funeral, and it is combined with the promotion of thick burial, protection of the ecological environment, and the benefit of future generations, and guides the transformation of the traditional concept of heavy burial.


In 2017, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the “National Funeral Comprehensive Reform Pilot Program”, identified 80 pilot areas (units), and deployed eight pilot tasks for comprehensive funeral reforms around the eight key tasks of deepening the funeral and burial.


Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other 15 departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Promoting Funeral Reform to Promote the Development of Funeral Causes", and further actively promoted the reform tasks of funeral and funeral customs, and proposed that by 2020, public welfare land-saving ecological burial facilities will be covered to towns and villages. Gradually establish a basic funeral service system and a land-saving ecological burial award system, and the ecological burial rate of the ashes storage, tree burial, and sea burial will reach 50%.


Upward and effective, the work of promoting funeral and burial in different places has also been frequent. For example, Shandong and Shaanxi, as pilot provinces for rural rural customs and customs, focused on promoting funeral customs reform and civilized thrift, and clarified the responsibilities and coordination assessment mechanism of relevant departments; Jiangxi introduced the action plan of “promoting the change of customs and promoting rural civilization” in rural areas.


Land burial, remarkable results


As an important measure of funeral and funeral customs, the burial of the land has been vigorously promoted from top to bottom in China in recent years, with remarkable results.


It is reported that 24 provinces across the country have issued specific implementation opinions on the implementation of ecological burial, and some provinces have formulated a policy of incentives for ecological burial. For example, Beijing provides free burial services to residents who choose ashes burial and natural burial, and extends the free project to the funeral services such as the removal of the remains; Zhejiang Wenling and other places promulgated policies, and promised sea burials and burials will be “death awards”. "Complementary" was changed to "available before birth"; Guangdong issued a tree burial and sea burial subsidy of more than 2.2 million yuan in 2017.


In order to consolidate the infrastructure for burial, the urban public welfare cemeteries throughout the country are actively promoting the ecological burial methods. For example, Chongqing has launched a total of 48,000 square meters of free tree burial and flower burial, and 12,800 three-dimensional ashes. In 2017, Fujian arranged a 20 million yuan prize to support the construction of urban public welfare cemetery with the ashes.


Under the vigorous promotion, the ecological burial rate of China's land-saving has been improved in recent years. By the end of 2017, more than 40,000 deceased ashes have been scattered to the sea in Shanghai. The sea burial ceremony was held for 11 consecutive years. In Liaoning, the amount of ashes burial in 2017 exceeded 6,000 for the first time. In Guangxi, the public welfare was held in six cities in 2017. Flower burial activities, the number of ecological burial in the ashes increased by 32% compared with the previous year.


The relevant person in charge of the Department of Social Affairs of the Ministry of Civil Affairs said that although the incentives are getting bigger and bigger, due to the deep-rooted traditional customs, there are still some places where the ecological burial of the land is “satisfied”, and the next step will be to guarantee the foundation, optimize the service, and award. Measures such as supplementary incentives will be promoted in coordination, fostering and embedding the concept of civilized green funeral, comprehensively improving the service level, and striving to achieve the ecological burial rate of more than 50% at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan.


Civilization funeral


The implementation of funeral and funeral customs, one by changing the traditional way of funeral, and the second is to change the concept of old funeral. In this regard, various places have been extensively explored.


—— Pay attention to the enthusiasm of the grassroots organizations such as the street and the village (residential) committee, and promote the self-management, self-education and self-monitoring of the masses in the reform of funeral customs. For example, Shandong Province has issued special opinions. The village (residential) committee of the whole province has built 86,000 rural red and white councils, and incorporated the customs and customs into the village regulations, and trained more than 700,000 members of the rural red and white council; There are nearly 40,000 white councils covering 75.7% of the village (residential) committees.


It is reported that the democratic elections and democratic decision-making of the Red and White Councils have been promoted, and some funeral and simple modes have been promoted. The cost of funeral treatment has been reduced from 10,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan.


—— Establish advanced models and strengthen demonstrations. Party members and cadres are the key to the work of changing customs and customs. Jiangxi, Shaanxi and other provinces have publicized the advanced examples of party members and cadres who set an example in the reform of funeral customs. They have set a benchmark for the masses and reversed the phenomenon of “a red-and-white thing, the whole village is accommodating” and so on. In some places, the “five good families” "When the selection activities, the funeral situation is included as an important measurement standard, guiding the masses to start from the self, their own homes, change the habits, and build a new style.


- Vigorously advocate. All localities use various media and means of communication to seize the time nodes such as the Ching Ming Festival and the Qixi Festival, and publicize the funeral laws and regulations in rural areas through literary works, film and television programs, WeChat Weibo and other carriers to promote excellent traditional culture. For example, Sichuan and other places rely on the funeral home to build a life culture education base to create an excellent funeral culture inheritance platform; Guizhou Liupanshui City will issue more than 20,000 copies of the “Green Qingming·Civilization Sacrifice” proposal and relevant publicity materials.


Through a variety of civilized low-carbon festivals, the local activities of flowers, sacrifices, kites, commemorative trees, planting memorial trees, hanging yellow ribbons, etc. have gradually increased, and modern funeral rituals are gradually being established.

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