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Qingming Festival sweeping tomb offerings Raiders
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Qingming Festival sweeping tomb offerings Raiders

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The Ching Ming Festival is the traditional festival of our country and the most important festival of sacrifices. It is the day of worshipping the ancestors and sweeping the graves.

The Ching Ming Festival is the traditional festival of our country and the most important festival of sacrifices. It is the day of worshipping the ancestors and sweeping the graves.


Sacrificing ancestors is a grand folk activity during the Spring Festival. Whenever New Year's Eve arrives, every household must provide genealogy, rules, and spiritual symbols to the upper hall of the home, place the table, and set up the incense burner and supplies. While worshipping the ancestors, some places also worship the gods, the land gods, and some places also worship the Jade Emperor (the highest god in Chinese folk beliefs). The offerings include sheep, five bowls of dishes, five-color snacks, five bowls of rice, a pair of jujube cakes, and a large clam, commonly known as "the world." The main sacrifice of the parents, burn three musk, after worship, pray for harvest, and finally burn paper, commonly known as "send money." During the Spring Festival, people worship their ancestors and worship the gods. In fact, they worship the ancestors and the gods.


What do you need to bring to the ancestors of the Ching Ming Festival?


1 incense candle - incense and candle for sacrifice


The incense stick is the most important item for the Qingming sweeping tomb.


Not only must the ancestors currently ignite the incense sticks, but also the incense to the mountain land of the cemetery, pray for the mountain gods to protect the cemetery and protect the ancestors.


What do you want to bring to the ancestors of the Qingming Festival?


2 Paper money - a piece of paper that is burned to the dead or ghosts when it is sacrificed. You can also scatter or hang the graveyard. Shapes have round square holes such as copper coins, but also some money on paper.


Paper money is to be burned to the deceased, so that they have money in the underworld, so they must be burned clean.


Generally, I buy yellow paper from the rituals, then use the side of Chairman Mao's head for 100 yuan, put it on paper, and print it from top to bottom. Then these yellow papers become coins that can be used in the underworld. Then the paper is spiraled (refer to local customs) for easy burning. Specific reference to local customs.


What do you want to bring to the ancestors of the Qingming Festival?


3 Vegetarian wine - the wine used in the temple to worship the Buddha, called vegetarian wine.


The process of sweeping the grave is equal to eating for the ancestors, so it is necessary to libre the ancestors, and the wine is necessary for the grave.


What do you want to bring to the ancestors of the Qingming Festival?


4 tributes


It is recommended to buy five kinds of tributes of "apple, orange, banana, cake snack, biscuit". At the time of worship, each tomb can be placed in five copies (some apples and other tributes can be used together). Everyone decides the total according to the number of graves.


Fruits are suitable for seasonal fruits, and there are no special requirements; snacks can be determined by specific circumstances.