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Huizhou Cemetery: Online cemetery, that is, through the network for a certain event or prestige or contribution of people set up a cemetery. At present, there are nearly a thousand websites providing online cemetery services, and the more perfect ones are: Paradise memorial network, China Qingming Network, China cemetery network, Paradise network, endless love network and other meanings.

Huizhou Cemetery: Online cemetery, that is, through the network for a certain event or prestige or contribution of people set up a cemetery. At present, there are nearly a thousand websites providing online cemetery services, the more perfect are: heaven memorial network, China Qingming network, China cemetery network, heaven network, endless love network and other meanings, for thousands of years, the sacrificial ceremonies inherited from civilization have been different in different periods. With the Internet so developed today, the custom of sweeping the dead also needs to keep pace with The Times. The network memorial will be a modern scientific way to carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation of "bide your time and bide your time" and promote the traditional virtues of loving your family and filial piety. As long as the original intention of the ritual remains the same - sincere worship, the method of the ritual is not important.

Huizhou Cemetery: Promote harmony Network Festival and memorial Hall is a multi-dimensional space network communication platform, users can not only express their respect and filial piety, but also can use this platform to strengthen the communication between families and family members, enhance understanding, strengthen the family, maintain unity, enhance cohesion, and thus promote social harmony. Inspire future generations to record the glorious history of ancestors in this virtual memorial space, so that future generations scattered around the world can understand the brilliant achievements and unfinished work of ancestors on this platform, and inspire future generations to strive for and struggle.

During the Qingming Festival, unlike previous years, cemeteries are very popular, with some websites receiving more than 1 million visits per day. This new form of sacrifice makes people feel that the development of science and technology and the progress of material civilization have a great role in promoting the construction of spiritual civilization.


Huizhou cemetery: These days, I boarded several cemetery cemeteries on the Internet, and it was eye-opening. Such as the "Yingte Cemetery" network, there are "Yingjie Garden", "Yingke Garden", "Yingwu Garden", "British Enterprise Park", "Yingzong Garden", "English Folk Garden", "Yinglei Garden" and other cemetery sites to choose from; The tombs of martyrs Bethune, Mei Lanfang, Madame Lao She and other famous people were built, and many people worshipped them. You can send flowers, you can order songs. The Global Village Online Cemetery, for example, features articles on how to comfort the dead, cultural profiles, policies and regulations, and industry information.

Huizhou Cemetery: Online cemetery, many benefits. Compared with traditional cemeteries, online cemeteries can give full play to the advantages of multimedia, such as playing videos, showing the life, voice and smile of the deceased, will, etc., worship is not limited by time and space, as long as you miss, you can open the website anytime and anywhere. This is one. Second, not occupying an inch of land, you can save valuable land resources. If it can be promoted, the "burning" situation of the Qingming Festival will be reversed, and the sun and moon will be bright.

Huizhou Cemetery: Online cemetery is also a good place to carry out patriotic education. The launch of the "Blood Cast China" series of memorial websites has made up for the lack of memorial services for revolutionary martyrs nearby, allowing young people across the country to pay tribute to revolutionary martyrs. The Martyrs' memorial on the Tongwang Memorial website, which opened in March 2000, has reportedly attracted more than 150,000 visitors. There is no doubt that online worship of revolutionary martyrs, with its image and intuition, will make patriotic education deeper and more effective. We believe that this modern, healthy and frugal way will be accepted by more and more modern people.



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